As some people may know, I am retired Police Officer.  The recent months of anti-police activity and “meism” crying about supposed racism, has been really getting under my skin.  For the last several years, I have seen the activities of liberal, chaotic extremists leading the news more often than not.  I have also been saying that law enforcement as a whole is going to become a thing of the past and it is going to be a service to those who cry the loudest.  It has always been a dangerous job and every Officer out there knows that someday could be their last, where they put their life on the line for the last time.  This doesn’t change their belief in protecting their communities and putting the bad guys away.

This week, we lost another Officer for no good reason (like dieing for your job has a good reason at any time).  The Justice system failed again. It failed our citizens, it failed Officer Brenner and it failed his family.  Officer Brenner of the Rio Rancho Police Department in New Mexico, of which I am a former Officer, made a traffic stop on a vehicle that, unknown to him, had a convicted killer as a passenger.  That passenger was Andrew Romero, a convicted killer, drug dealer, robber and burglar.  Romero was was sentenced on manslaughter charges in 2006 to 3 1/2 years but was paroled only after 2 years. During his first month of parole, he violated his conditions of parole.  In 2010 he was caught shoplifting and using his girlfriend’s kids to facilitate the crime.  During his escape from security, a guard had a heart attack and died.  He was never charged with the death but was charged with child abuse.  In 2012, he was caught in a buy/bust narcotics deal and charged with trafficking.  2013, he was charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, after brandishing a gun at a gas station attendant, while stealing gas.  Why he wasn’t charged with robbery, we don’t know.  Two months later, he was caught trying to steal a wheel off of a vehicle.  Recently, he went on a robbery spree of several gas stations and drug stores.  I think you get the idea, this piece of shit was a menace to society and it’s citizens safety.

Yet, he was free to continue his criminal activity.  It was only a matter of time, before he killed another.  He has shown his complete disregard for the law and any respect for life.  Why was this ( I am at a loss for words what to call this individual) person out on the street?  Where was our D.A.’s/Prosecutors, Judges and Parole/Probation Boards, that are responsible for keeping these people away from our citizens and keeping our communities safe?  The have failed us, they failed Officer Brenner and his family.  This is only one example of how our “Justice” system has failed us.  There are many across the nation, to many to mention.  Time and time again, our families are threatened by these thugs that the system has failed to recognize as a threat.  The Liberal Judges and Lawyers that think that these maniacs are capable of being rehabilitated, continue to be lenient against these men and women and they continue to be allowed to run free.  The excuses of over crowding, no previous convictions, etc., need to stop and they need to be locked up.

As a result, another one of our selfless Police Officers have lost his life.  5 children have lost their father.  A wife, who supported him and was proud he served his country (Air Force service member) and his community, has lost her husband.  The City of Rio Rancho and it’s citizens has lost one of it’s heroes.  This was unnecessary, had the “Justice” system done their job it would not and should not have happened.

We need to put a stop to this and vote out our Judges that are not tough on crime, that fail to follow the laws and invoke what they believe is justice.  Get rid of prosecutors that do not stand strong on prosecuting these people to the fullest extent of the law but believe their case record of win and loss is more important than the lives of our citizens and first responders.  Police Officers arrest and incarcerate people everyday, they do their job.  Now let’s make the Lawyers do theirs.