I just saw an article relating an accident at a nuclear power plant in Arkansas on Facebook and had not heard anything about it in the media. I wasn’t sure if this was a legitimate story or another red flag posting. I did some research and found that it is an actual event from December 9, 2013 near Russellville, Arkansas, at the Arkansas Nuclear One’s Unit 2. The plant is owned and run by Entergy Corp. I have found all kinds of articles on the incident but only a couple from sources that are more than just blogs.

According to the Courier News, a local paper, there was an explosion on the morning of the 9th apparently involving a transformer in an electrical switch yard. As a result of the explosion, a fire occurred and caused the safety systems to kick in and shut the Unit 2 reactor down. The investigation is ongoing and I have not been able to find a determination for the explosion yet.

The NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) in Arlington, Texas, was notified and their incident response center was activated. According the NRC press release there were no injuries and no radioactive release. In the event report issued by the NRC, there was a small release of oil into Lake Dardanelle that was determined to mineral oil and did not pass the oil boom placed at the discharge from the plant.

I was surprised (not really) that the MSM had not produced any kind of story related to this. This was a potentially serious incident that could have become a deadly health hazard, had the backup generator and supplement sources of power been routed to power the reactor. According to the reports, the transformer caused the power to Unit 2 to completely be lost, which would mean, if I understand correctly, that there was no power to control the cooling system or the ability to move the rods in or out of the reactor.

Is this a MSM not wanting to disparage the nuclear industry or is it just that it wasn’t important enough to report. The NRC did make a press release and the event report is available so why is it the media decides that something like this isn’t reported? They report on Obama vacationing, Cops having a snow ball fight why wouldn’t they report on a potentially deadly incident and show that the safety systems worked? The MSM has been missing the point for a long time now and things need to be changed and be a fact telling resource and not a money, politically influenced pawn of big business and government.