The holidays are quickly coming upon us. With that, we start thinking about what has happened in the last year and where we are as to where we would like to be. I have been doing the same. This year, I decided that I was sick and tired of the government beuracacy and wanted to try and do something to help change things. I created my own website and blog to try and educate the public on what was actually happening to our Country. Shortly after starting my own site, I had the chance to write for a well known group on Facebook that was campaigning for change in our government. It wasn’t long before I realized that this group wasn’t all it said it was and putting on false fronts to sell t-shirts and pocket the money for themselves and I wasn’t getting paid in return as I was promised. I left that group along with numerous others when we found out the lies and that the whole scam being run by a group of scam artists, including an armed robber and drug dealer with multiple arrests on his record. 

I was villified along with others and lies were spread about all of us. Claims were made that I was never a Police Officer and then I was a washed up cop who couldn’t cut it anymore. Although on the surface, the purported goal of this group was an honorable one, they were cheaters and liars. I left them and joined a group that was started by several of those who left and tried my best to continue my goal of educating the American public. I was not able to manage the egos and being told what I had to write about and how my writers articles were going to presented. I again found out that I had been duped into believing people that I never knew except contact through the web. It turned out to be a load of lies again. I left and had a very disgusted taste in my mouth. Since then I didn’t give a shit about anything but myself and my family. The Country can shove it and so could the people that aren’t willing to wake up. I was expecting to see the authorities knocking at my door any day now but so far I have been fortunate that hasn’t happened.

After a couple of months of gaming and sitting on my ass and thinking about all the ridiculous lies that are being told by the government, both local and federal, I have decided to try again but only on my terms! I have nothing to lose anymore. I can’t work anymore because of physical and PTSD related problems. My wife is unable to work and has filed for disability because of fibromyalgia and we are almost 3 years into that fight with no end in sight. If she was an alcoholic or drug addict, she would probably already have her disability but since it is something that Dr’s can’t test for they don’t believe that it exists.

This Country has become a citizenship of victims and sheeple. People have lost their will to fight, the need to be informed and educated and are willing to rely on what the government says as gospel. Well, I am here to tell you that the government is not looking out for you, me or anyone but themselves. After being a government employee for over 25 years, I have first hand knowledge. It’s all about the politicians and their pocket books and how they can line them with the almighty dollar.

We have been duped by them over and over again. Obama, Bush, Clinton the list goes on. Some have been better than others but in the end, we still are short changed. We keep getting poorer, the dollar continues to fall and the rich continue to benefit from it. What is it going to take to get Americans to wake up?

We need change, change that will bring back the morals, principles and justice for us, the working class that made this Country great. I don’t know who is going to do it but it has to happen or we are going to fall into a cavern so deep that we aren’t going to be able to climb out.

Please stand strong and help build us back to the way we used to be.