A female Daytona Beach, Florida Police Sgt., has resigned, after an internal investigation, found that she had uploaded several hundred pornographic photos on department computers. Sgt. Penny Dane has worked for the department for about18 years, the last 4 as a Sergeant. The report comes from Click Orlando, part of the WKMG local 6 site.

Dane had made a sexual harassment complaint against a fellow officer and during that investigation, the Internal Investigation division, found that she had loaded 177 images on her desktop computer, another 97 on the laptop in her patrol car. There were only 23 that were of herself, only! It turned out that the sexual harassment complaint was a false allegation by Dane.

According to the I.A. investigation, Dane admitted (allegedly) to sending sexually explicit photos as part of an online “game” called Red Light Center. A virtual sex website, for adults only of course, resembling Amsterdam’s Red Light District. For investigative purposes only, I went to the site to find out what this was about. You have to have an account to access the game itself but the front page, is itself quite “interesting”. Nude virtual men and women, some involved in sex acts, different categories of personal sex preferences, LGBT, BDSM, Machines and Toys, you get the picture. The new virtual, self indulgence.

Back to the story. Police Chief Mike Chitwood said, about the photos, “Extremely pornographic in nature and in several of the photos that we have since discovered, she was in her uniform.”

Dane had not only used her department desktop computer but also her laptop in her cruiser. Chief Chitwood said that she had disabled the GPS unit in the cruiser to that they couldn’t determine where she was when she was online. He said that she did this for hours at a time, all while she was on duty and supposed to be supervising her officers.

The Chief added, “As we got into the hard drive, it was just mind boggling that you could be out of service for that long and just think you could get away with it.”

Apparently, Dane has been doing this since 2009 but the majority of the photos were accessed recently, in the past few months.

Dane told investigators, that she could multi-task while working and while she was playing with her virtual reality, she never missed a call.