For months now, we have seen numerous cases of conservative pages on Facebook being targeted and yet the liberal, hate pages have been left alone. Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children has been the unfortunate victim of Zuckerberg’s long arm of the law. With over 600,000 followers, Facebook shut down USMC’s page and has never allowed it back. Yet, a page that offends millions of Christians, continues to be allowed to stay up and deface the Virgin Mary.

As has been reported by USMC and now The Blaze, the page, “Virgin Mary Shoud’ve Aborted” has been allowed to continue it’s existence, even after it has been reported time and time again. There are even Facebook pages that are specifically geared towards taking it down. In The Blaze’s story, they say that the page had 5,300 likes. At the time of this writing, it had climbed to 5,800. Here is what “Z” had to say about all the publicity that has been published about the page:

Just wanted to formally welcome all our newcomers!
We couldn’t have asked for better publicity from the butthurt xtian-right, with their paid-for press-release and plethora of articles written about us.
This comment I’ve screen-capped here was on lifesitenews and it hits the nail on the head: This page is NOT hate speech.
People have rights, ideas do not. No belief-system is above criticism… especially ones that promote disgusting concepts like slavery, rape and murder.
Organized religion is AIDs, and we desperately need a cure.

Be sure to check the About section for more details [:


“Z” is apparently one of the starters of the page.

In the article, it says that anyone offended by the page, is among their target demographic and in addition to controversy and anger, the page claims to want to spark a discussion. Here is what the administrators of the page have placed in their about page:

“People have rights, ideas do not. No beliefs are above criticism. This page is a playground for fundamentalists and free-thinkers to challenge each other.

If this page full-heartedly offends you, you are my target demographic. Let’s talk about scripture, context is everything.”

“The bible (along with all religious scripture) is a load of outdated traditional horse manure and has no place in education, laws, politics or government. Organized religion is a man-made tool to control society and justify oppression, currently dividing and destroying the planet.”

“We conceal our identities so the extremists don’t hunt us down and kill us for our beliefs. However we have posted our pics, and we stand by our anti-religion convictions. Unlike god, we can provide proof of our existence.”

To be fair, these are excerpts from the page, it is to long to post the whole page. I tried to take the parts that show what their attitude is.

The two admins of the page, “Z” and lillith, are young 20 something females. They post their photos but not their real names, claiming that they are trying to protect themselves from the extremists.

A recent article relating to the page, was published by, here is what they said,

“The website says that God raped the Virgin Mary and speculates on the sex life of the famous girl, whom the Muslims hail in the Koran and Christians call Jesus’ Blessed Mother. The accusation that the world would be better off if Jesus Christ had been aborted like more than 50 million American children since 1973 is a common one.”

There was a Tweetfest planned today, which those who oppose the page, would use the hashtag #StopFBAntiChristianBias, trying to raise awareness of the anti-religion belief.

Facebook continues to make conservatives feel that they are being targeted, as well as Christian followers. A ministerial student, Cary Bogue, is the organizer of the Tweetfest planned for today. He has founded a page, “Catholics and Protestants Against Facebook Discrimination” in response to the said but not followed Facebook policy, “we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.”

Bogue says on his page, “We exist to remind Mark Zuckerberg and his company they need to follow their own guidelines.”

The Blaze says that there have been more than 16,400 signatures of a petition by America Needs Fatima, asking that Facebook remove the anti-religion page.

While USMC is in complete support of our 1st Amendment rights, it is not whether these people have the right to their speech. The point is that Facebook continues to pick and choose who has the right to free speech. If you have a belief in atheism, Islam, abortion and Obama, you can say whatever you want. If you believe in the traditional conservative ways of God, guns and family, you are on the hit list.

Facebook has become an international sensation and is now a publicly traded company. It is not Zuckerbergs play toy anymore and he has investors that should have a say in how the company is run. There also is the law. This is blatant discrimination against specific groups but following in the footsteps of the Grand Poobah, Obama, Zuckerberg fits right in. It will take someone with enough quijones and money to take Facebook to task and file a class action lawsuit before they will stand down.