Castle Rock, Colorado is a small city, about 30 minutes south of Denver. It has become a fast growing choice for the suburbanites to get out of the city in recent years. One of the apartment complexes in Castle Rock, has recently sent out a letter to all tenants, that they have to get rid of all of their firearms and told them that they cannot possess any firearms on the property, anywhere, at anytime. is reporting that the management sent out the letter, August 1st and tenants have until October 1st to comply.

The Oakwood Apartments management, sent out the letter,saying, “As of October 1, residents cannot display, use, or possess any firearms or weapons of any kind, anywhere on the property.”

A retired Marine, Art Dorsch, 77, sent 9News a news tip on the letter. He is afraid that he will be homeless, because the letter says, that anyone not complying with the new rules, will be evicted. Dorsch is a hunter and licensed concealed carry owner. Even though he keeps his firearms secured in a safe, he feels threatened by the new rules. “They want to take them all away from me. They say I can’t live here.”, Dorsch said.

Apartment management told him that he could give up his guns and stay, give notice and move out or be forced out by not complying with the rules.

When 9News attempted contact with the management, there was no answer at the complex office. They did contact a regional manager, Brooke Young, of the Ross Management Group by phone. Young said that it’s their policy not to speak with the news media and then hung up.

9News legal analyst, Scott Robinson said, “The best thing this tenant can do, is either move out or get rid of the guns.” He said in most cases, the courts have sided with landlords to implement “reasonable regulations” on tenants. Robinson asked, “is an outright ban of firearms reasonable in light of the U.S. Constitution?”

Dorsch says the guns make him feel safe in his home. He believes that it goes beyond the 2nd Amendment. “I’m vulnerable. I’m not safe.” He says that if he loses his guns, he loses much more. “My freedom. Yeah it’s emotional. Because I don’t think it’s fair.”

Dorsch barely makes enough money to get by. He doesn’t have the money to be able to hire a lawyer and fight the management company on the new rules. His only solution, he believes, is to store his firearms with a friend, that lives 30 miles away.

This is another example of how the liberal left is continuing to eat away our rights to live in a free society. Colorado Governor, John Hickenlooper, earlier this year signed a bill, limiting magazine sizes to 15 rounds and expanded background checks, including private and public transactions.

It has been said many times before, we have a Constitution that our government and our society was built on. Living in the U.S. means living in a free society but the left side is taking away those freedoms. Day by day, inch by inch, they continue to remove our rights and replace them with more control. If we don’t do something now, we will lose it all and be living in the United Socialist Union of America.