A report dated August 1, 2013 from the independent news website, WND.com, is reporting they have received a memo from a Department of Defense (DOD) source, that orders U.S. Army personnel to not go to the latest stories published on the U.K. news agency, The Guardian’s website, about the NSA spying.

The email/memo, was addressed to a couple hundred military personnel and civilians working for the DOD. “Do not go to ‘The Guardian’ news website as they have TOP SECRET slide show on the main page and you will be flagged.” The email was sent from personnel assigned to the 304th MIBN or military intelligence battalion.

The documents that are shown in the slide show, are part of what Edward Snowden provided to The Guardian. The Pentagon at the time of Snowden’s releasing of the leaked information, gave an order that all military personnel not access the website on military office computers even though the information was now in the public domain.

The military security protocols are able to determine who, when and what the personnel are accessing and whether it is on a classified or non-classified computer.

This latest email is referring to a story The Guardian published on XKeyscore, the latest NSA data mining program. It is capable of collecting data on “nearly everything a user does on the internet”, in real time if the user wishes. The NSA analysts are not required to obtain a warrant or approval from managing officials if an American is communicating with a foreign target.

The story says that NSA analysts do not need prior authorization to conduct their searches. XKeyscore “sweeps up emails, social media activity and browsing history.”

WND did not provide a link to the slide show they refer but a story that matched what they were speaking of was found here at The Guardian.