Just a couple of weeks ago, George Zimmerman was acquitted on murder charges. Since then there have been demonstrations, riots and talk of the Attorney General Eric Holder filing a civil rights violation case against him. Now, he is traveling through Texas and gets stopped for speeding and the Police Department releases the dashcam video to the media. Why?

Every news agency has put out a story on the video. Hasn’t this guy been tortured enough? He was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. He was defending himself. Leave it alone. All he is trying to do is get on with his life and family. It will never be the same, I can guarantee that.

This is no different than any other traffic stop, except it is George Zimmerman. Yes, he has a firearm in the vehicle but that is legal in Texas and is a common occurrence. His concealed carry permit was reinstated by Florida after his acquittal. Nothing was ever ordered that he couldn’t still carry a firearm. He even opens the glove box and advises the Officer he has it in the vehicle. He is very courteous to the Officer and the Officer returns the courtesy.

Zimmerman would probably be pretty stupid to not be carrying a gun. With the Black Panthers putting a contract on his head, threats from other people and groups, put his life and the lives of his family in danger. Now, the Police Department releases the video and tells the world that George Zimmerman is still carrying a gun and is not in Florida anymore.

ABC reports, that his lawyer, Mark O’Mara, said that Zimmerman is taking some time off and to respect his privacy. Well, that didn’t happen. O’Mara also added that for Zimmerman’s safety, “we won’t make any comments about Zimmerman’s whereabouts and we will work to protect his privacy.”

He did catch a break, though. The Officer did not issue a citation for the speeding and released George with a warning. Go find a safe place to hide for the next 5 years or 10, George and keep your family safe.

Video at Breitbart.com