Tonight we found out that with all the main stream media bullshit, George Zimmerman is not guilty!  Let the riots begin!  Whitey better lock their doors and hide!  The Black Panthers are on the hunt!

Will there be riots?  I don’t think so.  The threats are there and the potential is definitely there.  The Justice Department sent their forces to try and entice the Martin backers.  Obama made his statements that Martin was a “victim” and he would like to have a son like Trayvon Martin.  The Media attempted to try the case in their reports.  They showed the sweet, innocent pictures of Martin and the straight faced Zimmerman.  They failed to release the facts that Martin was a criminal, a disruptive student and a racist.  They failed to tell that Zimmerman was injured and attacked by Martin.  Zimmerman’s head was pounded against the concrete sidewalk.  Martin attacked with a vengeance and a ground fighting style of attack.  For someone that has no training or minimal training, that is a death sentence. Martin made an attempt to disarm Zimmerman, that alone is a lethal threat and if made against a Police Officer, he would have been shot.  The case should never have been filed by the District Attorney.  As a result, many lives have now been put in danger.  Threats against the jury, Zimmerman, White people in general, Zimmerman’s family, the community of Sanford, Florida.  The Police Chief of Sanford lost his job because he refused to arrest Zimmerman.  They investigated the case and the Police investigators determined that it was a justified, self defense shooting.  The Mayor ordered, which he cannot do, for the Chief to make an arrest.  George Zimmerman’s life is and has been in ruins.  He will never be able to pay his legal fees.  He will most likely face a civil action from the family.  The self defense laws will now be questioned and in Florida, may be revised by the Democratic liberals.  If the Obama administration has their way, they will use this to try and promote their gun control agenda, even though it is  our God given right and lawful right to defend ourselves.

Florida will be living with this case for years to come.  The nation as a whole will be living with it.  The racial barrier will continue to grow between white and black.  The bias of many in the back community (not all), has been shown through this trial’s testimony.  “Crazy Ass Cracker” is not racist.  It’s ok for black people to call each other “nigga” but not for white people.  The Black Panther’s made threats and wanted to put a contract on Zimmerman.  Where is the Justice Department’s action against those actions.  They do nothing.  Why?  Because they are a person of color, they are Black!  You can change the color of the stripes on a tiger but they are still a tiger.  A crook is a crook.

Self defense laws will be threatened.  We will see review upon review throughout the Country of self defense laws.  The Democratic participants will use this as an example of what “we” don’t want to happen in our state, our Country.  This has been determined to be a justified homicide, by an acquittal.  The courts have upheld self defense for centuries.  That Zimmerman used a firearm, makes no difference.  He was lawfully carrying his firearm.  Unfortunately, he probably will never be able or willing to carry a firearm again.  The trauma of this attack and trial, will take an untold toll on the families involved in this case.  It is sad that a life has been lost.  But we all have to take responsibility for our actions.  Zimmerman, Martin, the prosecution and the defense.  If Martin had not attacked Zimmerman, if he had not breached the gated community where he was not supposed to be, none of this would ever have happened.

Zimmerman was a neighborhood watch Captain, he saw what he thought, with his understanding as a citizen, was a suspicious person.  Someone that didn’t belong or live in the area.  He reported that to Police.  He attempted to keep him in his sights but was then attacked.  He did what he was supposed to do.  He gave his statements to the Police without legal counsel.  He believed that he did nothing wrong.  Now, with the District Attorney’s lies, that Zimmerman wanted to be a cop but instead was a Neighborhood Watch Captain because he couldn’t be a Police Officer, gives the Neighborhood Watch programs  a bad name.  There will probably be reviews and limitations, on that program.  That is a positive program and has helped many communities throughout the Country.

This is not over.  It will be heard for years to come.  References will be made for years to come in state houses, court houses and on the streets of this Country.  Rodney King is still a household name after more than 20 years.  The division between white and black will still be there and has grown even wider.  This is not because of white racism but what is now finally being admitted as black racism or reverse racism.  Justice has been served for George Zimmerman.  Justice has not been served for the people of Sanford, the taxpayers who lost millions of dollars on a wasted trial and as a whole, justice has not been served for the Country.