I have been a Facebook user for years, now.  In my infancy as a user, I had no idea what the potential for this “social network” was.  I was like most people, contacting friends lost and posting funny pictures.  I know now that this form of media has become the new way of Imagetransferring information and news, across the globe.  This is an incredible ability!  I have friends from around the world that I have met through many different means and can keep in touch with them without having to be there or them here.  This is another example of what was a dream of a group of people becoming a reality.  The facts that Zuckerberg jerked his friends around aside, it has now become one of the largest databases of people in the world.  That is something!  The company is now a publicly traded stock and you can invest in it.  We the American People are now the partial owners of this company.  This means that those who have invested in the stock have a say in what happens to the business.  We may not be the 51% that controls the company but there is still a group that has a say.  It is becoming frighteningly evident that this is not the case.  Mr. Zuckerberg continues to inject his personal beliefs into how the company is run and what is going to be displayed on “his” Facebook.  Now, it seems to me that this has outgrown Mr. Zuckerberg and his small minded little world.  This is a now a publicly traded company and by my little understanding of the world, he has to step back and allow things that he may not like or agree with, be allowed to stand.  “Little” things like, the Bill of Rights and The U.S. Constitution.  The 1st Amendment, the freedom to speak our minds, our God given right to speak about God, guns and family.

Mr. Zuckerberg apparently doesn’t agree with those universal laws.  He continues to usurp the law and shut down free speech, Christian beliefs, conservative ideals.  This has happened to many times to count.  It happened again this week.  The Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children’s page was shut down TWICE!  From what I have been able to learn, this is not a suspension but they actually shut down the page!  Now, I do not claim to know any of these folks that run this page but from what I have seen on their posts and page, it appears that they are God fearing, former/retired military, conservatives that love their Country and hate seeing the destruction of our freedoms.  I have never seen anything posted that would indicate anything otherwise.  Their page was initially shutdown early in the week and there was an appeal and outcry by their fans and the page was put back up.  I believe it was two days later and they were shut down again.  They are now in the appeal process once again.  This is not the first time that this has happened.  Many conservative pages that speak out against President Obama, abortion, immigration, gun control have been stifled and kept from being able to exercise their freedom of speech.  And, yet, pages that are anti-America, pro-Islam, pro-abortion are being allowed to stay.  These pages have active threats to kill Americans, blow up our children and families, kill Police Officers.  Now, does this sound like something that should be allowed?  Does this sound like unbiased treatment?  I think not.  This is discriminatory, harassment and just plain unfair.  If Mr. Zuckerberg wants to claim that he is a believer in the 1st Amendment, which I have never heard him say publicly, then there should equal justice for all.  If U.S.M.C. is shutdown, then so should these other sites.

I am obviously a conservative believer.  I do not associate myself with any one specific political organization but I have become very vocal in the last few years.  I am getting older, wiser and more out spoken.  I was medically retired from being a Police Officer and am basically home bound.  I may not be able to stand with my brothers and sisters in demonstration but I am able to write and use Mr. Zuckerberg’s media to tell the world about the atrocities of his actions.  I have nothing to lose but my mind.  I am a conservative, gun toting, Christian, who believes in our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  It is the law of the land and has to be followed or else we fall.  Mr. Zuckerberg needs to be schooled on the legalities of these documents, because he certainly didn’t learn them in his computer classes in nerd school.  We as a nation have to stand up against this tyranny and speak out to stop this behavior. 

Is this what has become of our nation?  Our way of life?  We fought against the British throne over 200 years ago over the tax on tea.  Now, we are having our court upheld rights taken away from us.  The Obama administration is trying to implement gun control, allow amnesty for illegal aliens, violating our 4th Amendment right by spying on Americans who have no involvement in criminal activity.  His administration has scandal after scandal and we idly sit by and watch it happen.  I can’t do that.  I have to take a stand and speak out.  I have tried to get others that I know to help in this effort but have had little success in gaining any additional members to help promote our stand.  Many people talk a good game but aren’t able to back it up; they talk the talk but don’t walk the walk.  I am a man of principle and morals, raised by Christian parents.  I believe in honesty, integrity, loyalty.  I talk and walk at the same time and can back it up!  Join me in this fight and stand against the liberal agenda to control our lives and depend on the government for our living.  Mr. Zuckerberg, I dare you to try and silence this march of millions, the voices are going to drown you out and you will be left standing with that sad little look on your nerd face, crying in your diapers, sucking your thumb.