So, the cat’s out of the bag.  The NSA has been spying and collecting data on Americans, here on American soil.  We are one step away from bringing George Orwell’s “1984” to reality.  The Government says it’s to protect us, we say it’s to spy on us.  Obama is pissed that we found out and wants leakers prosecuted, we want them hailed as heroes and patriots.  What to do, what to do?  This is the catch 22 that has to be resolved.

Surveillance of our enemies has been going on for centuries.  In the ’70’s it became the us vs. them with the USSR.  Come to find out they went to the extreme of putting sleeper families here in the US.  They placed listening devices in our consulate building being constructed in Moscow.  We placed devices in their building under construction in DC.  It was a cat and mouse game, back and forth the ball was lobbed over the net for years.  Then under Clinton, the cold war had ended and a new threat had risen.  Clinton instituted the “Echelon” program, monitor foreign threats against the State.  It was the ’90’s and the terrorism threat, as we know it now, had begun to raise it’s ugly head.  It was leaked, too.  It was the NSA, too.  It was to protect us, too.  Patrick Poole said:

‘ECHELON is also being used for purposes well outside its original mission. The regular discovery of domestic surveillance targeted at American civilians for reasons of ‘unpopular’ political affiliation or for no probable cause at all… What was once designed to target a select list of communist countries and terrorist states is now indiscriminately directed against virtually every citizen in the world,’

We can say the same thing about the PRISM program.  It really isn’t any different, just the technology and a muli-billion dollar NSA storage facility.  Power becomes the ultimate sin.  No one man is perfect and when given as much power as the President has, it becomes “absolute power corrupts absolutely”.  This is especially true, when you have a person who has no principles, morals or where withal to stand up for what is right.  They then surround themselves with people that are similar in belief and it becomes one big conspiracy.  The intent was to protect the people and the Country but it becomes a massive element that is out of control.

The system begins to collapse in on itself.  The people find out, they get angry, force the public officials to stop or roll back the program and we are left unprotected.  It’s the damned if you do and damned if you don’t catch 22.  We obviously need the technology and the protection but it has to be controlled and limited to those that are under investigation or show the potential for dangerous actions against our citizens.  When we have all this “spying” going on and yet they completely failed to identify the Boston bombers, 9/11 terrorists.  The system is targeting the wrong people.  The best of intentions can be corrupted by corrupt people.

You may ask, if this has been going on since the ’90’s, why now for the upheaval?  I think that is because Americans have looked at the last 4 years and see that we are no better off now and in many circumstances are worse off.  When you look at the actions of the current administration, the big picture, we see a corrupt, self indulging, megalomaniac in the White House.  He has taken more vacations than even most billionaires and all on the taxpayers back.  He has targeted his competition with the IRS, he allowed Americans to die in Benghazi, when they could have been saved, he has attacked the religious beliefs of our Soldiers who are Christian but yet has allowed Muslim communities religious freedoms and so on.  People are just tired of the two faced, talking out of both sides of the mouth political schemes.  Although I would support impeachment proceedings, I am not sure that it would solve anything.  Can you imagine Joe Biden in charge?  I shudder to think about it.  I think censure of the President and a strict oversight of his decisions may be the way to go.  I am not sure that it is legally or practically possible.  If you believe the people that say that Obama’s birth certificate is forged and that he is not a naturally born US citizen, then technically, the last 4 years have been illegal actions and he could be seen as a criminal of the State.  If that was the case, the last 4 years could be wiped off the slate and start over.  Will that happen, I don’t think so.  So far, Congress hasn’t even been able to bring the strength to make decisions on the current scandals, they just keep having hearings, when the evidence is very clear.

We need to have this technology.  We need to have intelligence gathering on our enemies.  The PRISM program needs to scaled back to target the terrorists that are a threat to us.  Whether it be domestic terrorism or international, those are the targets, not innocent American citizens.  Target the drug cartels working on our soil, smuggling people and thousands of tons of drugs into our Country.  That was the original intent of these programs.  There needs to be oversight to control the extension of how far this can go.  I blame not only Obama but the Representatives and department heads that have allowed it to get this far.  They all knew about this and yet allowed it to occur.  We need a complete overhaul of our Government system but I don’t think that is going to be possible.  Maybe, someday, we’ll be able to get this right.