In the last week or so, we have seen and heard, President Obama make a speech that the war on terror is over.  He says that there has to be an end to a war and he is calling it over, now.  Can he really call an end to a war that we have no control over to begin with?  We did not start this, we took the fight to them to try and keep them from bringing it, once again to our homeland.  We have had success, to a degree, in taking the fight to them and trying to minimize the activity of terrorist groups in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We definitely have taken down their numbers but as soon as we take out one, there is another ready to take his place. It is much on the same basis as the “War on Drugs” that was signed by Nixon in the ’70’s.  Our war on terrorism, is attempting to defeat a foe that is embedded in a culture of religious fanaticism.  That gives it a different twist than the war on drugs.  There are people who are willing to die for their “cause” to receive what they believe is a bounty of virgins and a meeting of the heavenly Prophet Muhammad.  I have said this before, what is it that earthly man can give these cowards that even comes close to what they are expecting when they die.  We have nothing that can compare.  So, how is it that anyone, can say the war on terror is over?  These Islamic fanatics are determined to convert the World’s population to Islam or die trying.  Those that are not willing to convert, will be killed.  This is a fact.  There are many statements in the last 20+ years that have been reported by media, government and persons that back this up.  I am not just talking out my a**.  We will continue to have a war raged against us, the U.S., Europe, Christians, Jews until they are somehow controlled or held accountable for their actions.

The President himself, knows this but continues to play the political, campaigning speeches trying to sway the public into believing that things are getting better.  The “Nation of Islam” is a major foe and adversary.  Our livelihood as Christians, Atheists, Agnostics, Jews is on the brink of being taken away from us.  We can see this, when there are school systems that are bowing to the Muslims, allowing students prayer time during the school day.  Yet, Christians are not allowed this.  Obama is having summits over the next week or two, with local Muslim groups across the country, asking what the Government can do for them.  He himself has admitted to being a Muslim, his actions show that he is not willing to give any rights to Christians, conservatives and is even taking away Liberals rights, though they aren’t aware of it.  The Constitution gives the free man the right to worship as he see fit, freedom of religion.  It makes no difference what religion, Islam, Christian, Jewish, Satanism, Agnostics, Atheists, they all have the same right.  When the rights of those who believe in a certain way, infringe on the rights of others, then they line is crossed and that is a violation.  We are seeing this now.  Obama is heading down a road that is not only going to cause a civil fight but also another religious war.  Are we headed to another era of Crusades?

The Crusades were in part a result of the Muslim faith, attempting to conquer the southern European continent and then pushing into mid-continent territories.  The Christian governments of the time, pushed back and attempted to take back the Holy Land of Jerusalem but failed.  We again are seeing the beginning of a holy war against the Israelis and the threat of Islam trying to take back complete control and possession of the Holy Land.  The threats of war by Syria, Iran, Libya, Palestine, Hezbollah against Israel is going to drag the U.S. back into the Middle East, trying to defend our Christian beliefs, that Israel is the true, righteous possessor of this land.  If Obama has his way, we will not back Israel but will back the Muslim supported governments and allow the continued “sharing” of this land.  Eventually, trying to give way to the overseer being Islam.  If we do not stop this heresy from occurring, we, as Christians, will lose our way of life and belief.  Christians will see persecution.  Christians will be imprisoned here, as they have been in the Middle East countries for decades, in modern history.  Are we willing to allow this?  Are we willing to sit by and allow our brothers and sisters, under the guise of a false prophet President?  I for one am not.  I will not be silenced!  My Countries founding Fathers did not want this for us.  That is why they wrote the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, to give the rights of the free man as law.  The current Government is progressing towards removing those rights and forcing all Americans  to worship one way, one god, with no ability to defend ourselves against them.  I foresee, before Obama goes out of Office, that there will be some type of civil unrest and uprising against the tyrannies of his Office.

They are already planning for this.  We have the federal law enforcement agencies gearing up.  They are purchasing military vehicles, new not surplus, that are built to withstand IED detonations.  Gun ports, armor, heavy weapons.  Now, why would they need to have these vehicles if they didn’t have some idea that this could be a threat.  Law Enforcement is a seriously reactive, not proactive, field, as history shows us.  That tells me they are preparing for something.  The enormous orders of ammunition.  Albeit that even some conservatives have given good reason for this, being a normal purchasing for training and qualifications, I see other numbers that don’t fit that.  The arming of IRS agents.  The IRS has been around how long and have never seen the need to arm their investigators.  The continued power provisions being given to DHS (Homeland Security).  They continue to expand the scope of DHS.  The budget for DHS has skyrocketed since it was put in place.  They continue to expand the scope of TSA and are trying to place them in all transportation facilities, bus and train stations, public transportation.  They continue to try and incorporate them into local law enforcement.  They have K-9 teams that are being used in screening of cargo at airports, even though there are already local law enforcement K-9 teams in place and have been for years.  During times of high security alerts, they are teamed up with local and federal law enforcement, patrolling the aviation properties.  TSA was at it’s inception wanted to arm TSA employees and are still trying to accomplish this, in the background.  How many federal law enforcement agencies do we need?  The point is that our war on terror is not over.  Our war on tyranny is just beginning.  We need to look at the signs.  We need to be aware, educate ourselves and stop hiding like sheep and become the wolves, protecting each other.  United we stand, divided we fall!

The American Reality