Eric Holder, the United States Attorney General.  The highest, most powerful law enforcement agent in the Country.  He was appointed to this position by President Obama in 2009.  Prior to that, he was a Judge in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia and a US Attorney.  He is the first black man to hold the position of AG.  He also was Obama’s senior legal advisor, during his 2008 campaign and one of 3 members of the vice presidential selection committee.  (  His relationship with Obama starts to become clear.  They obviously have a close relationship and probably at some point Holder was promised some type of position within the Obama administration, if elected.  Now, you may say that is speculation and your right, it is.  Knowing what I do of politicians, that is how it works.  You scratch my back, I scratch yours.  You support me and I will give you a prominent position, an important postion that will send your career skyrocketing to the moon.  Well, he is in for a load of bricks dumped on him, now!  Do you not think, if I am right, that he will not be put on the chopping block by Obama if that will save Obama’s ass?  You bet he will!  Most, if not all, the department heads, have been appointed by Obama and most likely have some type of prior relationship with or dirt on Obama.  Holder’s views on politics, the legal system and obviously health care, are aligned with Obama’s, as you would imagine.  He has worked for the NAACP and the AG’s office and attended Columbia Law, just as Obama did.  They are liberal in views and life beliefs. 

During Janet Reno as AG (1997), Holder was a Deputy AG and opposed the death penalty, although he said that he would enforce the laws, appropriately.  This is a quote from Wikipedia: “In his final days with the Clinton administration, Holder carried out his duties with Clinton’s last-minute pardon of fugitive and Democratic contributor Marc Rich. Regarding discussions with the White House lawyers on the issue, Holder said he was at first “neutral” on the decision to grant Rich a pardon, but might lean in favor of it if there were national security benefits. Holder said that he was told that Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak had asked Clinton to grant the pardon. Holder said that, at the time, he did not give the case much thought, because he did not think the pardon would be granted, as no fugitive had ever previously been granted a presidential pardon. He later said he wished that he had looked into it more thoroughly,[16] and expressed regret over the incident. “I wish that I had ensured that the Department of Justice was more fully informed and involved in this pardon process”, he said admitting the mistake.”  Does this sound familiar?  He didn’t know anything then and he doesn’t seem to know anything now, either.  He seems to distance himself from topics that are controversial and yet he says that he is still doing his job.

“Republicans on the House Government Reform Committee disagreed with Holder’s version and alleged that he was a knowing participant, according to a 2003 report. They said Holder failed to fully inform prosecutors of the pending pardon, and they criticized his “neutral leaning favorable” opinion to Clinton.”  It seems that history repeats itself.  He failed to inform, again, favoring the President.

In 2008, he was part of Reno’s team, in the DC vs. Heller gun control case.  He has a long history of gun control advocacy.  He continues to support any legislation, regulation that is beneficial to the current administrations adventures.  Whether it be, Osama Bin Laden, gun control, pardoning of a wanted criminal, drone strikes against US citizens, etc.  This has now gotten him in some major boiling water and he is starting to burn.  He doesn’t seem to have any opinions of himself but lets his bosses tell him what he thinks.  He now has to answer about the IRS, Abortion “murder”, AP seizures and bugging, Benghazi.  When, will this become so much that the Obama administration will cut him loose and use him as a scapegoat?  I would expect that it will be soon.  I don’t see that this will be able to continue much longer.  Will Obama be able to cut him loose, without killing his own position as President?  At some point the gun is going to be pointed at him and he won’t be able to protect Obama and his administration any longer.  At that point, some of the truths will come out.  Will it happen before the end of Obama’s second term, I would hope so but it may not until after Obama is out of office.  At that point it will be too late.

The public needs to take the chance to attack this while the iron is hot.  We need to push our representatives to take every chance to find out what the truth is and follow the evidence.  If it turns out that there has been illegal activity, then charges should be filed and prosecuted.  No matter the outcome, Holder should not be allowed to stay in this position.  He is incapable of fulfilling the job of AG and fails to manage and prosecute the laws of the United States and obviously cannot uphold the Constitution.  Call your Congressman and Senators and tell them you want him investigated and removed from his position and Clinton and Obama should be investigated and prosecuted.  All of them are complicent as conspirators.  If not our Country and Government will never be the same!