It has been 4 years and almost 5 months of socialism and communism implementation of our current administration.  We have had our rights trampled on over and over again.  If not directly, indirect attempts of trying to disarm the people of the American Republic.  Not just literally attacking our 2nd Amendment rights but now it has come to light that the press/media has had it’s 1st Amendment ability to write the news attacked and it’s 4th Amendment right against search and seizure by the Government, violated with the AP records seizure and bugging of their phones and computer files.  They claim it is because of their investigation of security leaks to the media.  Well, maybe they need to look at their own house and not the media.  It obviously is someone on the inside but do they really want to find out who it is?  It would seem to me that it would be a relatively simple task to determine where these leaks are coming from.  If you were in their shoes, isn’t that where you would start your investigation?  Wouldn’t you consider it a defection of loyalty to your administration to know that someone is releasing this information to the media without approval and creating a security issue?  Not the Obama administration!  They take this with a daily stride of normalcy.  This is supposed to be the most “transparent” administration in our Country’s history but all I see, is dishonesty, fraud and cheating and lying.

Obama has done nothing but mis-lead and lie to the American people.  In just the last 4 months, we have seen the IRS scandal, Benghazi, AP spying.  Here is a recap of what we have had over the last 4 years:

  • Obamacare still has not been implemented and it is already bankrupt.  It has been shown that it will cost us trillions of dollars, just to get it off the ground, not to mention what it will take to sustain it.
  • A failed stimulus packages, plural.  There have been at least 4 packages that were supposed to get our economy off the ground.
  • Worst economy in our history
  • Highest sustained unemployment rate in history
  • Largest cut in medicare history
  • $6 trillion in additional debt
  • Failed energy policy
  • Slowest job creation since the Great Depression
  • First time ever credit downgrade
  • Fast and Furious scandal
  • Terrorism failures/security failures

These are just the things that we know about.  Like the current investigations, they were leaked and found out not by the administrations choice.  They did not release these wrong doings because of their investigations but because someone started to point a finger and someone came forward with the information.  Then everyone says they didn’t know about it.  That is ridiculous.  The IRS, as much as I dislike them, is not just out of the blue going to start targeting groups without it being from the top down.  The singling out of the Tea Party/Patriot groups started early in 2012 and I have a copy of the letter that several Democrat Senators sent to the IRS, questioning the validity of these groups as tax exempt status because they were involved in political activities, even though they had already been approved for their status by the IRS.  The inquiries by the IRS have been intrusive at best.  Wanting resumes on their board members, transcripts of meetings, what books they read, background checks on members, etc.  This reminds of the McCarthism days of the 50’s and 60’s but now it’s reversed.  Then it was to find out who was a communist and today it’s to find out who isn’t a communist/socialist.  And yet the Democrats, who profess that they would not support communism, are in full support of this administration.  Obama has fully admitted to being a Muslim, socialist and even has had those who publicly admit to being socialist or communist, saying that he is farther left than they would ever admit to.

If you look at our political history, back to the 60’s and 70′, Watergate, being the most famous, wasn’t to the level of criminal conspiracy that we are seeing now in this administration.  We have had Americans die, alliance with al Queada supported groups, apologies to the Muslim activists on behalf of the American people, providing military war machines to Egypt (which is run by the Muslim Brotherhood), millions of dollars sent to Egypt, supporting of rebels of Syria who are directly supported by al Queada.  Obama has disrespected our service members and military in general.  Creating a top management of the military, that is willing to fire on American citizens and demoting or forcing retirement of members who were not.  

This administration has done nothing but show that they are not able to be trusted.  They show nothing but disdain for our Constitution and Bill of Rights.  AG Eric Holder has shown his incompetence of being able to manage an agency that is supposed to be highest law enforcement agency, failing to prosecute gun violators but yet trying to implement anti-2nd Amendment laws that target not the criminals but the law abiding citizens.  Holder is nothing more than a crony of Obama.  They attended the same law school, have the same background of working with organizations that are supportive of anti-american/anti-capitalism ideals.  They both state that they knew nothing about any of the activities of the IRS, AP scandals.  Even though they are the managers of these agencies, they don’t have any idea what is happening in them and have no control over them.  If these were men in the secular businesses, they would have been fired long ago and possibly even tried in a criminal court.  But being that they are politicians, they go on being able to corrupt our government and spending more and more of tax payers dollars.  What will it take for the American people to wake up and realize that they are being cheated.  We continue to see the same dishonest political games being played, just like Chicago and Illinois.  We already convicted one politician,  Rod Blagojevich, former Governor, Jesse Jackson, former Congressman, who was also Co-Chair of Obama’s 2008 campaign, his wife was charged with filing false tax returns, a Chicago alderman, Richard Daley, former Chicago Mayor, George Ryan, former Governor and Secretary of State and the list goes on.  All of these people part of the “Chicago Machine”.  This is where Obama has his roots and this is where he learned his political machine, first being a Chicago alderman and then a Senator.  We are in for a change that can be fathomed by most Americans, unless it is stopped in it’s tracks, now!  Even if Obama is removed from office, by force or by his choice, then we have Biden.  The man that believes all it takes is a double barreled shotgun to “scare” away an intruder.  The man that thinks that women are incapable of handling a rifle or pistol without losing control.  It is just nuts to think that this Country can escape this phony baloney administration without some kind of horrific fallout.  I haven’t even touched on the terrorist failures of the administration.  We are in for a long haul, trying to correct the damage this administration has done.  Get ready for the worst yet!