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Conservative Logic 101


I saw this picture posted on Facebook today and thought that I would respond to it, with the facts and not just emotion.  The picture is not displaying properly but it compares Obama to Bush and that there were 10+ Embassy attacks and 50+ people killed under Bush and 1 under Obama, 4 Americans killed.  Under Bush, no investigation, no charges, no hearings, under Obama, there are hearings, possible charges and possible talk of impeachment proceedings.  First and foremost, I don’t think anyone can deny that these things happened under the Bush administration but I think the thing that is angering people about Obama, is the response to the Benghazi incident.  There has been a laundry list of things that Obama has done, that seem very fishy and out of character, even for a politician.  The blatant lies and deception of the Obama administration, the manipulating of the media and the media manipulating stories, turning a favorable twist for the Obama administration.  There was the statements that the attack on Benghazi was as a result of a viral video on youtube, which we know was a lie.  The statement of Clinton, “What does it matter?” that Americans were killed.  The question of whether the supporting troops in Italy were told to stand down or told not to go and why they weren’t allowed to respond to assist in defending and rescuing our personnel.  The allying with al Qaeda and actually hiring a militia to assist in protecting the consulate that had direct ties to al Qaeda.  Many people feel that this administration has been disrespectful to our fellow Americans killed, not only in Benghazi but also in Afghanistan.  Obama gives a phone call to an NBA player that comes out gay but can’t be bothered with personally signing a letter to the families of fallen soldiers or calling them and expressing his sorrow for their loss and thanks for their service.  I can go on and on about these things but here are the hard facts.

First of all, from what I can find in my research, there were only 7 Embassy attacks under Bush.  Those killed were not just Americans but also local citizens that were killed from the explosives used, the number listed as 50+ killed, is misleading.

  • 2002 Karachi, Pakistan-10 killed, 51 injured, only 6 of the injured were inside the consulate and no Americans were killed.  Suspected Islamic militants were believed to be the attackers
  • 2003 Karachi, Pakistan-2 killed, 6 wounded-This was not an attack on the Embassy but an attack on the Paramilitary Rangers guarding the consulate.  All deaths and injuries were Pakistanis
  • 2004 Uzbekistan-US and Israeli embassies attacked, 2 locals killed, 9 injured.
  • 2004 Saudi Arabia-Gunmen stormed US consulate-8 locals killed (guards and Saudi security forces), an additional 5 non-Americans killed, no Americans killed
  • 2006 Syria-US embassy attacked, killing 1 Syrian guard and no Americans
  • 2006 Karachi, Pakistan-Car bomb outside the US Embassy, killed 4, injured 30,  David Foy, American diplomat and 3 Pakistanis.  This apparently was not an attack on the Embassy but an assassination on Foy.
  • 2007 Athens, Greece-Grenade launched into US Embassy, the Embassy was empty and no one injured or killed
  • 2008-Serbia-Rioters set fire to US Embassy-No injuries or deaths
  • 2008 Yemen-US Embassy bombed-16 killed, 6 of them the attackers, no Americans killed or injured

Now by my count, there have been 1 American killed under Bush during these Embassy attacks and that one death was actually an assassination of the Ambassador.  There wasn’t any cover up attempt by the Bush administration and they continued to investigate and try to bring these attackers to justice.  Currently, I am not aware of any investigation or attempt to take any action against the violators killing the Americans in Benghazi.  Every Presidential administration since the 70’s has had Embassy attacks, both Democrat and Republican but none of those administrations failed in the way that Obama’s has.  They at least told a truth about what happened and did not try and side step it by blaming it on an anti-muslim story, which then puts the blame back on Americans because we supposedly promote such activity.  These attacks are not the fault of Americans.  Our current way of life has been such, for 70+ years.  It has only been in the last 30 years or so that we have started to see the direct attacks on us and by whom?  They have almost all been directly or indirectly related to Islamic/Muslim groups.  We, as Americans and our way of life are under attack by the fanatical Nation of Islam.  Bush admitted these attacks happened and gave a believeable reason for them.  He did not hide behind an excuse that was eventually found to be a lie.  He also took action in many of these attacks, at a minimum denouncing the attack and did not deny security when asked to do so.  One of his goals, during his administration, was to keep a strong military, to protect the Country, which included the Embassies.

Obama also has given millions of dollars and war machines to Egypt, even though they have shown themselves to not be our Allies.  There was an attack on our Embassy in Cairo, Egypt by protestors of the Muslim Brotherhood supporters.  There weren’t any deaths related to this attack but the Obama administration did down play this and then Obama went to Egypt and made his speech.  Our Embassy in Tunisia has been attacked, Yemen has anti-American rioting and yet Obama continues to apologize for our Country, when we have done nothing wrong.  These attacks are directly related to our “War on Terrorism” but yet the Obama administration, continues to alter documents and investigations that become public about these attacks.  Everything continues to be turned to a political action by Obama and not an attack on our Country.  An Embassy, no matter what country, is considered hallowed ground, diplomatic ground of the country that holds that Embassy.  An attack on aUS Embassy, is the same as if our homeland is attacked, it is US property/territory and should have a response as such. 

The truth is, even though there have been attacks on our Embassies under every President since the 70’s, none of them have tried a cover up like what the Obama administration has.  When you put this in the pile, with all the other things that have happened under Obama, it makes for quite a list of accomplishments of failures.  Now the IRS, is admitting that they have been targeting conservative groups that have been speaking out against Obama.  If you are the CEO of a company, then you are responsible for the actions of that company.  When you are the President of the United States, the actions of our government are the responsibility of the President.  He appoints people to the positions managing those agencies and they report to him.  If he does not know what is happening, why not?  If it is determined that these actions were at his request or order, than there is no question they are his responsibility and he should be held accountable.  In the end, if it is determined that Clinton is responsible for this mess and she took action without the knowledge of the Commander in Chief, then she is the one that should be held to her decisions.  Ultimately, though, Obama placed Clinton in that position and he has to accept some guilt in that action.