The other day, my wife was helping out her sister, driving her to and from work because she hurt her foot and can’t drive.  After work, her sister had a Doctor’s appointment.  She dropped her sister off and parked in the parking lot, waiting for her sister to get out.    My wife had backed our truck into a parking space, to make it easier to leave, being that it was a small parking lot.  A few minutes later, she sees to young girls, come out of the Office and get into a car.  She wasn’t able to estimate their age but she thought they looked pretty young.  The girl in the driver’s seat, started the car and backed out of the parking space.  She then proceeded to move the car over two spaces and pull in next to another car.  The girl pulled in very close to the other car, with just inches between them.  It appeared that the driver was having difficulty driving the car and after parking, it was quite obvious.  The girl then decided to back out to appear to adjust the spacing of the car.  As she did so, she started to turn the car and struck the parked car next to her and drag the front bumper down the side of the parked car.  After moving out of the parking space, she then started to pull forward and almost struck the parked car again, missing it by inches.  After pulling back into her original space, she turned the car off and the two of them sat there.  My wife was expecting to see the driver get out and examine the damage but she didn’t. 

My wife then called her sister on her cell phone and told her what had happened and to check if any of the owners were in the office.  After a few minutes, a woman came out and started yelling at the two girls in the car, apparently the owner of the parked car that had been hit.  Shortly thereafter, another woman came out and was apparently the owner of the offending car and mother of the girl in the driver’s seat.  The mother started yelling at her daughter, telling her that she wasn’t supposed to drive the car, just put their drinks in the car.  The daughter started to deny that she had driven the car and didn’t know what the other woman was talking about and the girls friend agreed and backed her story.  My wife, being in ear shot of the “conversation”, heard the denial and decided to give her story of what she saw.  She explained, what had happened and that she had been sitting in our truck during the incident and witnessed the whole thing.  The girls then, in their infinite wisdom, told my wife that she was lying and that she didn’t see anything.  They tried to say that she had just pulled in and parked and couldn’t have seen anything.  Now, these girls, she found out were 13 years old and obviously were not old enough to be driving.  My wife, the calm and courteous person she is, looked at the girls and said, “Really?  Your going to stand there and lie?”  The driver responded, “Why are you talking to me like that?”  Because she was lying is how my wife responded.  The daughter’s friend continued to back up her story and they were just sitting in the car, listening to music.  The mother of the daughter then looked at the parked car and saw some paint transfer that was a different color then her car and tried to defend her daughter.  My wife told her to look at her front bumper and she would find the paint from the parked car.  The mother took a look and agreed, that the paint on her bumper was from the other car but continued to try and defend her daughter.  My wife pointed out the security cameras in the parking lot and that the whole incident was caught on tape.  The driver, even knew this and still tried to lie her way out of it.  Long story short, the Police were called and the truth did come out.  The girl obviously didn’t have a driver’s license, the mother didn’t have any insurance, because she couldn’t afford it and now the other car owner will probably have their rates increased.  My wife, told the driver the old quip, honesty is the best policy.  The girl responded, “PFFFT, honesty!” and rolled her eyes.  The Police filed a report and I am sure there will be citations to follow.

My point of this story is, what has happened to our children and when did it become alright to lie?  I have witnessed this, time and time again, when I was on the street as Police Officer.  I disproved story after story, when investigating a crime and yet people still would not concede to the truth.  Our children are the future of this world and our Country.  It is our responsibility to raise them, with the principles and morals that are right and honorable.  This condition that we have found ourselves in, didn’t just happen over night, it has taken decades to come about.  It has been seen in history time and again but it especially has taken a serious turn since the 60’s and 70’s.  The era of “free love” and no spanking, no corporal punishment, began to take shape in those decades.  The X, Y generations and baby boomers were raised with different ideals than the previous generations.  Those parents raised their kids, without the principles and morals that the previous parents had.  I was raised by parents that were older than most of my peers and so their raising was from the era of the great depression and WWII.  It was right was right and a man stood up for himself and his family and took his punishment.  A family’s name, honor and integrity was most important.  You didn’t bring shame to your family name and if you did, you were punished.  Children were spanked, disciplined, given chores to do on a daily basis.  Before they had a job, they were working on the family farm, in the home and helping to take care of the family, which they were a part of.  Children now, are left alone after school, parents are divorced and living in separate homes, they are not disciplined for mistakes or intentional acts of deception and lying.  They are not taught the lessons of life and what those of us raised by an older generation learned from our parents.  They are given everything that want, not need but want.  They are baby sat by T.V., XBOX, Playstation, they have cell phones when they’re 10 years old, IPOD’s.  They have been taught, that if you want it, you should be able to have it and if you aren’t able to get it, if you whine loud enough, they will give it to you. 

My son, in all his 21 years of wisdom, called the current generation, the “I” generation.  When I was growing up in the 70’s, we called it the “Me” generation.  Everything is about what “I want”, “I need”.  No common courtesies, no helping your fellowman, if it doesn’t benefit me, why should I care and if it is what I want, it should be given to me, I shouldn’t have to work for it, I deserve it.  Our youth don’t think that they have to work to gain a promotion at work, that they should be able to be the CEO and not have to work from the bottom up. Seniority doesn’t mean anything, anymore.  Honesty, integrity and truth are lost words in today’s world.  Stealing is ok because you couldn’t afford it, so you take from the person who can, because they can get another one.  When I have spoken to people about these ideals, they look at me like I am from Mars.  Now, I know that I’m not the best looking person but I don’t look like I am from Mars.  The parents are the ones to blame.  We have failed to raise our children with the biblical and traditional principles that have held this world together for centuries.

The parents today, even with all the evidence that can be shown, continue to fail and repeat their mistakes.  Many of them being the same way themselves.  If we lead by example, we reap what we sow.  If we lie, cheat, steal and that is what our children see, then they begin to believe that it’s alright.  If we demonstrate honesty, clarity, truthfulness, caring for your fellowman, then that is what we will instill in our children.  Now, I know that this is not how all families are but it seems to be more common then not.

To turn a political edge on this, we can see this type of behavior in our political genre.  Cheating, lying and deceit is all we hear of in the current news channels.  our politicians are constantly lying and putting a spin on topics that THEY want to portray as good for them.  Our own President is lying and deceiving the people of this Country about Benghazi, electoral cheating, Obamacare, his own birth certificate!  How is it that we, as parents, can compete against that and tell our children that this isn’t ok?  Who are our children supposed to look up to for their heroes?  I could go on and on about this but I think I’ve made my point.  It is our responsibility to take action and raise our kids the right way, with the right beliefs.  We have become a nation of agnostics, atheists and non-believers.  It is time to bring back discipline into our lives and dedication to our beliefs.