This is in response to a post I was sent titled, “Don’t Marry a Soldier“.  Roedy Green is the author of this post, apparently employed by Canadian Mind Products.  Now, that title right there makes wonder what it is this person does for a living.  “Mind Products”, sounds like a contractor for the CIA or NSA or anyone of a dozen other acronyms that I can think of.  Mind control of some sort, it was it brings to mind for me.  So my question is what kind of influence is this individual wanting to create with this type of post.  The stated “facts” in this post are the usual liberal word twisting that has become so common now days.

  • Point one that they make is that the divorce rate is twice that of civilians.  That, unfortunately is a fact that can’t be denied.  They give no explanation as to why this is the case.  We know that many marriages of young soldiers are made between people that have not lived and do not understand the world of marriage and the commitment that is required to make a marriage work.  Any soldier that is in a combat unit, knows there is a possibility of being deployed, anywhere in the world, for any length of time.  The young women, who have a romanticized ideal of what a marriage to a soldier is supposed to be, know that they will be left by themselves for that deployment.  They don’t understand how difficult that is to be by yourself with your man away and be alone.  Now this is a fact but if these women are not ready or don’t understand what that is like are as much at fault as the military and the soldier.  The soldier chose to serve their Country and this is what they have agreed to do.  It isn’t just the commitment of the soldier but a commitment of the family.
  • The next point made, is veteran suicide.  This writer, states that 6000 vets committed suicide in 2009.  I don’t know where this person got this data but one story that I found stated that from 1999-2010, there was an average of 18 veteran suicides a day estimated by the VA.  The math shows 6552 deaths per year.  But it states that 69% of the deaths were age 50 or older!  These are not active duty personnel at that age.  Another study was more aggressive and showed 22 deaths a day, on average.  The military shows that in 2012 there were 349 suicides of active duty personnel.  That includes combat vets, all the way to the mechanic that is working on aircraft or support vehicles and combat vehicles.  There is no study as to what percentage of these personnel had mental health, marriage, financial and combat issues.  The article also shows from 2007-2011, there was a rise of 11% of suicides overall in the US.  The study also showed that from 1999-2003, there actually was a decline in veteran suicides after a relatively constant rate for several years.  The author also states that these 6000 veterans committed suicide because they were so ashamed of themselves for the acts they had committed, they had no choice but to kill themselves.  The author provides no data what so ever to back this statement up.  Anyone who has dealt with suicide or is an emergency worker, counselor knows that there are a myriad of reasons why someone may kill themselves.  Is this really a reason not to marry a person whom you love and want to be with for life?  I think not.  The author then calls all these people psycho’s and agreeing to kill any child for no reason, other than he was ordered to.  Soldiers are human and make mistakes, there is no question.  They do not indiscriminately go killing people for no reason, they have reason and the aggression of the current terrorist groups that we are facing, they are the ones that are using women and children as human shields and yes there are incidents of collateral damage but they are much less than people and main stream media would lead you to believe.
  • The author then compares soldiers to being Psychopaths, charming, kind and more considerate than normal folk.  They keep up an act because they don’t have normal feelings.  Than states that these soldiers have a history of killing and torturing others.  But states that they will turn on you, given the right stressors.  Again, gives no data to back these statements and anyone can break given the right “stressors” and become volatile, even deadly.  Author then proceeds to state that the soldier will drag you down into their protracted depression if you don’t divorce him.  Again this can happen to any married couple in this economy, given the foreclosures, bankruptcy, unemployment, etc.  Soldiers are human and fall to the same stresses as the rest of us.  The author quotes from Rachel Maddow, who is a left liberal author, anti military, anti gun and anti conservative so of course she is going to make statements that turn and twist the facts.  Again the author makes assumptions with no data or facts to back the statement that they are killing themselves because of what shameful acts they have committed and the military hiding what these acts are.
  • Then the author states that these men are conscripted, implying that they have been drafted into the service.  We have not had a draft since Viet Nam.  Then states that they have voluntarily sign on, agreeing to kill whomever they were ordered to, like they are just indiscriminately murdering persons for the fun of it.
  • The author then makes the statement that it was not to protect Canada, that Canada attacked Afghanistan not the other way around.  Well, I don’t recall any declaration of war being declared against Afghanistan, it was an attack against al Queda and the Taliban, which is heavily embedded in Afghanistan and Iraq, both which the allied forces have been and battled these terrorist forces.  It was to protect Canada, the US, UK, France and several other countries which have been victim’s of the Islamic fanatical terrorists.  The author also states that military families have to seek welfare.  Again the author does not provide any data to back this up, all though it is possible.  I agree service members are not paid enough for what they do.  It states that refuse to help people of the third world and won’t help the people of Afghanistan.  I found several agencies that are working in Afghanistan to help improve their life and education so this is a bunch of bull.  Author states the only reason for these men to become soldiers is for the purpose of bullying, killing, torturing and sometimes raping and pillaging and then upon returning their Country they become terminally guilty and kill themselves, it is a natural consequence.  They deserve the same mourning as other multi killers, comparing them to serial killers that are locked up in prison.  Those are the real psychos, they have no conscience or remorse, if these men returning are killing themselves because of guilt, then they have a conscience and feel remorse, conflicting what this author is saying.  When was the last time you saw a serial killer commit suicide because they were sorry for their sins?  I have never heard of this!
  • The author then brings up the fact of the wife being left alone to raise their children.  That the children will more likely to have behavior issues because of not having a father full time in their life.  There is no data to back this statement either.  What then, about divorced households or where the father has disappeared or dies of some other cause then combat death or suicide?  This is again a faulty assumption.
  • Then she (I’m assuming by the way this is written) says that if your husband participates in an aggressive war, illegal first strike war such as Afghanistan or Iraq that he is guilty of a capital war crime, even if he just peeled potatoes.  This is a ridiculous statement, again with a left wing liberal viewpoint against government and the military.  The idea of sugar and spice and everything is rainbows.  It sounds like this author is a jilted woman who has been burned by men and now has turned to being a lesbian because she can’t stand that a man believes in patriotism and defending his Country.  She speaks, implying that these other countries that support terrorism are favorable and that they should be allowed to force their control over their women and citizens.  She then references the “World Court” and that the USA does not recognize the court and protects it’s soldiers from prosecution.  Hmm, I seem to remember the US presenting several persons over the last 70 years for prosecution for war crimes, from Germany to Iraq.  Then calls the US the only super power in the world.  Well it seems to me that there are several countries that are considered super powers in the world, not just the US.  We have been the “World Police” for decades because we are the ones that have the balls to stand up and fight for what is believed to be right and many times at the request of other countries of the world not strong enough or are gutless to respond to aggressions against the weak.

Well, I think that is enough.  The author rambles on for another 45 claims of why you shouldn’t marry a soldier.  It is very clear just in this first few paragraphs that this author has no idea what they are talking about and has no data to back her statements, only assumptions.  Now as it appears, this author is living in Canada so I won’t even bring up the 1st amendment because it doesn’t apply.  I do agree she has a right to her opinion but when you just lump a large group like soldiers, millions of service members worldwide, as bad apples, psychopaths and have no reasoning or facts to back your statements then your publication has NO legitimacy and can’t be taken seriously.  It is this kind of liberal, left wing thinking that has brought our world to it’s knees in front of the terrorists that hold us hostage because they don’t have the balls to stand against them.  It would not surprise me that this author is a member of Islam, making her claims even more absurd.  It is my opinion, that this author should be censured and her claims invalidated.  Soldiers do their best to be the best!  There is certain type of personality that wants to a soldier, an honorable person with integrity, that takes care of business and tries to do the right thing.  Just like Police Officers, they are people willing to run towards the gun fire, while you are running away from danger to hide in a safe place, they put their lives on the line everyday they are on duty.  I have known many, many soldiers in my lifetime and not one of them I would not trust my life to!  It is the leftist that runs and hides behind their books, lawyers and laws that take a persons rights away, crying unfair, I want a do over, like the kid on a play ground ball game, I wasn’t ready.  You make me sick.  If you like living as a hostage then go live in Russia, Libya, Syria and leave those of us who want to live free to do so in peace.

What about abortionists, I don’t hear you calling them baby killers!  What about the fanatical Muslims who kill, torture and maim their own citizens and use them as human shields, I don’t hear you saying one negative word about them.  You are a form of racism, a person who discriminates against a group of persons, because of their choice of career.

Yes, many soldiers are affected by PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Amputations, etc. but so are millions of people involved in drunk driving accidents, rapes, assaults, Police Officers, Paramedics, Firefighters, etc.  As I said, you have no factual basis for your opinion or belief and no legitimate claim to it.  You wouldn’t even be able to write this line of crap if you didn’t have these soldiers to be thankful for.  So go slither back into your hole and pull that rock over the top and don’t come back out or you will be stepped on like the bug you are!

The American Reality