“U.S. employees set to be forced to give bosses their Facebook PASSWORDS”, this is a current story on dailymail.co.uk.  Employers are legally, requiring employees to provide their passwords for their social media accounts.  This battle has been going on for a few years now but I have never thought that it was legal.  The latest addition to the CISPA bill would have provided protection for employees and stopped employers from getting your passwords but that section failed to pass.  We are being bombarded with laws and regulations that continue to try and take away some right that we have been provided under the Bill of Rights.  We have the right to free speech and protection from invasion of privacy.  Where is the line drawn?  Yes, I understand that your submissions on many of these sites are considered public but why do they need our passwords?  They can go onto Facebook and see exactly what we are posting for public view without needing our passwords.  If it isn’t available in that manner than it shouldn’t be accessible to your employer.  With a password, they have access to all our personal information, friends, private messages, etc.  Those shouldn’t matter to whether you are qualified to perform a job.  This constitutes an invasion of privacy, in my opinion.  They don’t have a right to force the ability to access our personal information.  Not to mention what they can do with it, as Ed Perlmutter, Democrat from Colorado, said that they could use that information to impersonate the employee on these sites. 

Our 1st amendment rights are being infringed upon.  We have the right to say what we believe and it shouldn’t effect how we are rated in our jobs.  Before I retired as a Police Officer, there were many times that my department, told us that we couldn’t say or do certain things relating to current events that involved the City or the department.  If we did and there were several who tried to challenge this, they were disciplined.  Our beliefs and principles were constantly being challenged and in many cases we couldn’t do anything about, without reprisal.  One example of this was a Police Officer in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who posted his occupation as being a “human waste disposal”.  Now this may be offensive to some but he was disciplined for his statement and the Government took away his right to free speech.  Why is it that the liberal journalists can say what they want and have no reprisal but a Police Officer cannot make a statement as to the working conditions he experiences on the streets?  There is definitely a double edged sword working here.

We have a right to our privacy.  Why is it that the Government believes that it can force us to give that up to an employer?  What we do in our homes is our business.  Our opinions are ours and we should have the right to share that with like people.  What right do employers have to violate that?  Big business is controlling our Government, our Representatives are influenced and controlled by the lobbyists, how do we compete with that kind of money?  The little guy is left in dust.  It doesn’t matter what is right anymore, only how much money they can make from it.

I understand that employers want upstanding employees that represent their company in a positive manner.  But what we do on our time, on our computers, in our homes, should be protected.  If an employee is stupid enough to do this on company time with company equipment, than they deserve what they get.  CISPA is infringing farther on our rights when using the Internet and needs to be reevaluated and re-written.  Our freedoms are being trampled on by the current administration and our representatives.  There is no end in sight, that I see.  We need to stand up for what is right and make them do what they are supposed to, represent the people.